14 Patriarch Daniel Quotes on the Holy Cross as Mystery

When we venerate the Holy Cross, we actually honour the crucified Christ.

The sign of the Cross shows us Christ’s forgiving, patient, sanctifying, and saving love.

The Cross cannot be turned into a magic sign, as a power in itself. Its power comes from the fact that it represents the crucified and risen Christ.

The Cross of Christ is Christ shown through the Cross.

The Cross is the symbol of Christianity because, on the Cross, Jesus Christ showed how much God loves the world.

The Holy Cross is the mystery of the infinite love of the Most Holy Trinity for humanity.

The power not to repay evil for evil and overcome evil with good is the Cross’s power.

The sign of the Holy Cross begins from the forehead, which symbolizes the initiative of salvation taken by God the Father Who sends the Son into the world. The Son performs redemption and then rises and ascends to God’s glory at the right hand of the Father.

The Holy Cross connects heaven and earth through Christ’s endless and unfailing love for the world.

At the same time, the Cross is the sign of sacrifice, of crucified love, of humble love, and the sign of the resurrection from the dead.

Although only Christ the Lord was crucified in His humanity on the Cross, His crucifixion shows the love of the whole Holy Trinity.

The Cross is not a symbol of value in itself. It only makes sense because it was the sacrificial altar of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Without Christ, the Cross means nothing, but with Christ, the Cross represents Christ.

The Holy Cross shows us that God’s love is not a possessive one but a self-giving one, and it is not prideful love but love full of humility.

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