12 archaeological sites in Dobrudja will become accessible for online tours

Ancient fortresses Tomis, Callatis, Histria, Adamclisi, Capidava, Carsium, Ibida, Argamum, Noviodunum, Halmiris, Ulmetum and Enisala, situated in Dobrudja, by the Black Sea, will become accessible for online tours starting from July 1. 

“The website will be bilingual (Romanian – English), accessible also on mobile devices, and it will present an interactive map of 12 of the most important archaeological websites in Constanţa and Tulcea counties,” mentions a press release published by “Georgiana Rusu” Cultural Association, the project initiator.

The website visitors will be able to exchange opinions and post reviews with impressions from their virtual visits in a special communication section.

The website is part of the “Interactive Map of the Dorudjan Fortresses” project, which aims to use new technologies in order to improve and expand the access of the national and international audience to patrimonial landmarks of Dobrudja.

“Surfing the website will be extremely easy: clicking on the link will open the home page with a full-screen map of Dobrudja (relief, waterways, cities and towns, roads). A click or touch on the pictogram will access the wanted archaeological site,” say the initiators.

The cultural project was financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCEN) and has been made under the patronage of the event “Constanţa – Romanian Youth Capital 2021 – 2022”.

Photo credit: Traveleuropa

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