11 Meanigful Patriarch Daniel Quotes on Young People and the Church

Here’s a list of 11 meaningful quotes from Patriarch Daniel on young people and the Church.

Young people are God’s gift for family and society.

Children and young people need to be listened to and encouraged, but also supported and guided, especially when their sincere ideal meets the harsh reality of everyday social context, when their growth and maturity means intellectual and physical effort, hope and perseverance.

Our Church loves all young people.

Young confessors of faith in word and deed, the lovers of prayer and action, are missionaries of the Church in today’s society.

The church is called to pay special attention to young people, defending innocence, sincerity, courage, the desire for renewal and all the values of this age blessed by God for the cultivation of human dignity and a healthy life, as well as for the search of salvation or eternal life.

Young people should be encouraged and supported to identify the problems faced by local communities and to initiate spiritual and social projects and programmes that meet the concrete needs of local communities.

The Church assists young people and prays for the present and the future of the Romanian people.

Young people are the active and creative present of the Church.

Christ’s Church calls young people to be confessors of Christ’s love for humankind and to become church missionaries in the world.

Let us teach young people to find in prayer the source of pure love and to live their lives on earth in the light of the blessing of the heavenly Father and the Church of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to feel the light, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit intensely.

The Romanian Patriarchate pays special attention to family, religious education of children and youth activities, offering young people the opportunity to develop their capacity for an active participation in the life and activity of the parish communities and in the activities organized by the Church for the benefit of young people.

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