Martyrs Nicandros and Marcianus; Translation of the relics of the Greatmartyr Theodore Stratelates

The Holy Great Martyr Theodore Stratelates suffered for Christ in Heraklea on February 8, 319.

At the time of his sufferings, the holy Great Martyr Theodore ordered his servant Varus to bury his body on the estate of his parents in Euchaita. The transfer of the relics of the Great Martyr Theodore took place on June 8, 319.

On this day we also recall a miracle of the icon of the Great Martyr Theodore in a church dedicated to him at a place called Karsat, near Damascus.

A group of Saracens had turned this church into their residence. There was a fresco on the wall depicting Theodore.

One of the Saracens shot an arrow into the icon of the Great Martyr. From the saint’s face, where the arrow had stuck into the wall, blood flowed before the eyes of everyone.

A short while later, the Saracens who had settled in the church killed each other. Accounts of this miracle are given by the Anastasius of Mt. Sinai (April 20) and John of Damascus (December 4).

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