The Romanian Orthodox Church has spent €100 million on charity over last 5 years

Over 710 social institutions carry out their activities in the dioceses of the Romanian Patriarchate and over 610 social programmes are currently undertaken by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Romanian Patriarchate has invested over 100 million Euros in charitable work in the last five years. According to a recent report, in 2016 the Romanian Orthodox Church invested 21 million Euros in charity.

One of the most significant social institutions is St Leontius of Rădăuți Settlement, located near Bogdana Monastery in Suceava County. The settlement, destined to orphans and children coming from dysfunctional families, is the largest of its kind and offers shelter to more than 120 children and young people.

Every day, 50 elderly persons are being taken care of at the Palliative Care Centre of St Nektarios in Bucharest.

At the settlements from Valea Plopului (Poplar’s Valley) and Valea Screzii, over 500 persons, including 80 abandoned or orphaned children, receive shelter and assistance.

A clinic for cancer patients is currently under construction near Nera Monastery.

Furthermore, in 2015, the first ambulance service in the Romanian Patriarchate was inaugurated at Bistrița.

The Romanian Patriarchate’s social settlements include social canteens, bakeries, medical institutions and pharmacies, day care centres for children and the elderly, family centres, kindergartens, after-school, protected housing, emergency centres etc.

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