Romanian Patriarchate sets solemn and commemorative themes for the year 2019

Church singers Solemn Year 2019

The Standing National Church Council decided on Thursday, 16 March 2017, the solemn and commemorative themes for the year 2019. Thus, at the initiative and with the blessing of Patriarch Daniel, in 2019 the Romanian Patriarchate will pay homage to the church singers and will commemorate the second Patriarch of Romania, Nicodim Munteanu. The same year the translators of Church books will be commemorated too.

In the following period, the Holy Synod Office will draft the framework programme of the Solemn Year of church singers and of the Commemorative Year of Patriarch Nicodim and of the translators of church books. The competent departments of the Patriarchal Administration will help in this process.

The Office will present for approval the themes and the framework programme at the next available working session of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Nicodim Munteanu (baptised Nicholas) was born on 6 December 1864 in Pipirig, Neamț county.

In 1909 he was elected assistant bishop to the Metropolis of Moldova, bearing the title of Bacău. From 1912 to 1923 he pastored the Diocese of Huși. On 31 December 1923, he retired from his office and became abbot of the renowned Neamț Monastery. On 23 January 1935, he was elected Metropolitan of Moldova and enthroned on February 4.

On 30 June 1939, the Holy Synod elected Metropolitan Nicodim as Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, following the death of Patriarch Miron. He was enthroned on July 6.

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