Patriarch Daniel meets with Religion Teachers in Bucharest: Young people seek models in Family, Church, and School

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on Wednesday told the Religion teachers within the Bucharest Archdiocese that ‘young people seek models in the Family, the Church, and the School, to help them discern between the current challenges and the future perspectives.’

The National Conference of the Teachers of Religion Courses was held Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at the Palace of the Patriarchate, under the chairmanship of the Romanian Patriarch Daniel.

In his opening speech, the Patriarch pointed to the need to strengthen ‘the Church-School partnership,’ which today is ‘a common goal, because joint actions as concrete examples are beneficial for children and youth.’

During the meeting, specialists in the Religious Education took the floor and delivered their speeches on continuous teacher training and other topics.

The meeting also included debates on the involvement of the religion teachers in writing textbooks, the curriculum, and in other organizational issues.

The Religion Teachers’ Conference is organized every year by the School Inspectorate of Bucharest.

It is an occasion for teachers to share new teaching methods and to review the activity of the previous school year.

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