“Passage to the Light” | The digitized heritage of the Holy Mount Athos goes on display in Athens

An interactive digital exhibition with codices, illuminated manuscripts and objects from the heritage of the Holy Mount Athos is open for the public at the Concert Hall in Athens. The event presents the digitalization work made by the Athonite monks.

The visitors can also see a day from a monk’s life – a very welcome initiative, since the tradition of the Holy Mount of Athos does not allow access for women in its perimeter.

The art, faith and culture treasures displayed are part of the Athonite Digital Ark, which testifies to the one-millennium old tradition of the Holy Mountain.

The Ark presents in electronic format all the manifestations of the cultural stock of the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos. The monks have digitized 2.2 millions of such treasures.

The project took four years to complete and it was co-financed with EU funds. The exhibition in Athens is open until October, 24. Afterwards, the items can be viewed at mountathos.org.

The Holy Mount Athos is the only monastic republic in the world and is governed by a synaxis of the 20 local monasteries. It is situated on the Halkidiki Peninsula in the north of Greece.

Photography courtesy of Perasmastofos.gr

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