Metropolitan Ioan of Banat buys house for mother of four

Metropolitan Ioan of Banat buys house for mother of four

His Eminence Ioan, Metropolitan of Banat, is renowned for his charity. Once again, he succeeded in solving the desperate situation of a mother of four children in less than 24h, reports. The family was living in a barn near the village of Comloşu Mare, Timiş County.

The family has already moved to their new home, His Eminence Ioan said.

I was dealing some church problems when I learned about the woman. I said we must immediately leave for that place. We have found them at about 2 km away from the village, living in a corner of a barn: a woman and four children. We took them right away in our car and brought them to the village, to warm up. She could not believe her eyes. I led the woman to a store and bought everything she needed from detergent to fruit. I told the parish priest of the village that until morning he should come up with a solution. A citizen had a house with four rooms and 3,000 sq m set for sale. I went to him and shook hands to buy the house with the money of the church. The woman moved there with her children. All we have left is to do the paperwork.

After leaving the mother and children in their new home, Metropolitan Ioan went to the penitentiary in Timişoara. He visited the husband of the woman, who is deprived of liberty, and told him to keep calm because his children are all right. His Eminence also urged the man not to think of escaping, but to wait patiently to be freed and then to rejoice together with his children.

We will pay the house as we said, but if there are Christians willing to support our Metropolis that is a good thing. Surely, there will be other such situations for us to buy houses, so any help is welcome.

This is the fifth house bought by His Eminence Ioan for disadvantaged people since his election as Metropolitan of Banat.

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