In pictures: Former Romanian Patriarchs Justin (†1986) and Teoctist (†2007) commemorated at the Patriarchal Cathedral

PS Varlaam a oficiat o slujb[ de pomenire pentru patriarhii Iustin si Teoctist

His Grace Varlaam of Ploiesti, Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch, officiated July 29 a memorial service for the rest of the souls of the former Romanian Patriarchs Justin (†1986) and Teoctist (†2007).

In his homily delivered Saturday at the Patriarchal Cathedral, Bishop Varlaam pointed to the fact that this year we commemorate Patriarch Justin’s 31st death anniversary and Patriarch Teoctist’s 10th death anniversary.

He referred to them as confessors and defenders of Orthodox faith under the atheistic communist regime and recalled that the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church declared the year 2017 as the commemorative year of the defenders of Orthodoxy during communism.

His Grace stressed that Metropolitan Justin Moisescu of Moldavia was elected Patriarch of Romania in 1977 after the death of Patriarch Justinian Marina, and noted that Justin has led the church during extremely difficult times. Patriarch Justin Moisescu was a genuine scholar, Varlaam said, and he wrote many works with a perennial value.

Bishop Varlaam pointed to the important contribution of Patriarch Justin to the preparation of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, which was convened in Crete last year.

His Grace went on to recall the life and activity of Patriarch Teoctist, who fell asleep in the Lord on 30 July 2007.

Truly, the two patriarchs were chosen and inspired by God to lead and pastor our Church during such difficult times, Bishop Varlaam noted ending his speech.

Finally, a Trisagion service was officiated by the tombs of Patriarchs Justin and Teoctist, who are buried in the patriarchal cathedral.

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