12 Spiritual Quotes from Patriarch Daniel about the Holy Cross

Holy Cross
  1. The Cross of our Saviour Jesus Christ represents God’s love revealed to humans in a world full of hatred and violence.
  2. The Holy Cross is the sign of love that conquers sin and death.
  3. Christ’s Cross becomes a principle of new life for every Christian; a principle of profound spiritual renewal so as to acquire Christ’s sacred love.
  4. Everywhere we observe the Holy Cross let us recall how much God loves us and awaits for our response to His love.
  5. The humility and the longsuffering shown by our Saviour Jesus Christ on the Cross  makes the Holy Cross an invincible weapon and a dreadful sign for demons because they cannot humble themselves.
  6. To assume one’s Cross is the path to salvation in Christ.
  7. The power of the Cross is manifested in the glory of the Resurrection.
  8. By accepting to be crucified from love for men and by taking upon Himself the sins of the world, our Saviour Jesus Christ transformed the Cross from a shameful instrument of torture into a symbol of life-giving love.
  9. The Cross is a sign of salvation and eternal life.
  10. The Holy Cross is the sign of victory and the principle on which the profession of faith is based.
  11. The signs of the Cross remain eternally in the glorified body of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Who rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven.
  12. The Cross is a light and a blessing unto salvation.

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